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We have many, many satisfied customers from all over Rhode Island and eastern Connecticut. We try always to do our very best and to exceed our customers' highest expectations. Here's what some of our customers have to say:

Thanks for a great job today! (Sorry that I missed you, I guess you weren't loud enough with the saw to wake me up.) As always -a professional, reliable, affordable, and efficient service call. We will rest easier this winter knowing that we will not have any issues. Thanks for resolving the problem in such a timely manner!
PS feel free to post any portion on website as testimony.
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“Our home's well water has a high mineral content to it. It tastes great and is not harmful for consumption, but, is extremely corrosive to copper and metal. We at one time, not too many years ago had all the old plumbing changed out because we could not keep up with the leaks. This helped for a time, and we felt that we were all set. We were not, and decided to call Todd of Holden Plumbing.

Todd promptly responded.

He made knowledgeable recommendations and outlined what would be necessary to eliminate the problem for good. We now have a filter in place, he replaced the metal pipes with plastic, as well as all the connectors/fittings. We found his work to be impeccable, his rates competitive, he left the work area clean.

We are extremely happy with our experience with Holden Plumbing. We would absolutely recommend him to family and friends, and have.


“Hi Todd,
I just wanted to say thanks again for the great work you did yesterday. I know it was just a few toilets and a sink but I have had so much difficulty with contractors in the past. Everything seems to be working great and my husband and I are very pleased. We will definitely call you again if we need a plumber in the future...